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ASAMI Home Page
ASAMI Home Page
ASAMI Home Page
Association for the Study and Application of the Method of Ilizarov International and External Fixation
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Topics to be discussed at International ASAMI Congress 2008.

St. Petersburg, 2008.

1. Limbs and pelvic fractures repair.
2. Gunshot limbs injuries.
3. Spine injuries and diseases (external fixation role and place)
4. Cranial plastic surgery, cranioplasty.
5. Restorative surgery in pseudarthrosis and bones defects, including those with osteomyelitis.
6. Congenital mal-development of the limbs: diagnosis, treatment, functional and psychological rehabilitation.
7. Biomechanical problems of distraction osteosynthesis (fixation stiffness, speed and rhythm of distraction, consolidation terms, combined osteosynthesis).
8. Stimulation of tissues regeneration in conditions of transosseous osteosynthesis: nanotechnologies, cell and tissue implantation.
9. Reconstructive-restorative treatment of children with foot and hand pathology.
10. Chronic insufficiency of limbs blood circulation (role and place of transosseous osteosynthesis in restorative treatment).
11. Problems of cosmetic limbs reconstruction and surgical height increase.
12. Salvage surgical treatment in tumors of the limbs.


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• 04/02/2007
International ASAMI Congress 2008
• 22/10/2006
• 27/09/2006
Meetings update
• 30/08/2006
Meetings update
• 05/03/2006
Congresso ASAMI 2007 - Ospedale Niguarda Ca’ Granda

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